alessandro schiattarella


 This solo is the continuation of the previous work ALTROVE. Tell me where it is dived deeply in the topic of being a professional dancer and being affected by a rare neuromuscular disease. The fact of not fitting into a box placed me in a space in between; there I could explore new aesthetics and new qualities of movement, yet finding new strategies of an artistic expression. How is it possible to transform a boundary into a new possibility and a weakness into strength? By attempting to give an answer to these matters, Tell me where it is question, discuss and challenge the theme of less-visible disability. Lenght: 45minutes c.a.
Choreography & Dance: Alessandro Schiattarella
Music: Bruno Raco
Costume: Karen Petermann
Tour Manager: Kathrin Walde
Lights: Minna Heikkilä
Premiere 22nd of November 2015, Theater Roxy Birsfelden