alessandro schiattarella


Twenty17 selection ALTROVE

©Rosa Sanzone

“Alessandro Schiattarella is creating a movement vocabulary that claims space by transcending personal biography. His strategy is to understand, explore and re-think his disability not as a disease with a series of symptoms, but as a specific “new” body with a potential of its own. In a series of movements that are both autobiographical and political, Altrove is infiltrating mainstream contemporary dance with disability. Schiattarella gives flesh to the invisibility of his experience, making it palpable in an attempt to fight back stigma and discrimination. An extremely difficult and delicate topic to talk about, Schiattarella successfully conveys his positions through dance and lays the foundations of future research interests: new movement vocabularies, deconstruction of “normal” bodies, empowerment of disabled dancers. His work opens up space in which we can all move, despite our differences.” Yasen Vasilev Lenght: 20 minutes c.a.
Choreography & Dance: Alessandro Schiattarella
Music: Godspeed you! Black Emperor
Costume: Simona Lanzberg
Tour Manager: Kathrin Walde
Video & Photo: Rosa Sanzone